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JOE BUDDEN: Documentary series pilot

JOE BUDDEN: Documentary series pilot


What is so addictive about Kim Kardashian? Why did the Charlie Sheen interview get millions of world viewers? What generation doesn’t know Muhammad Ali? Whether privately or publicly, society has an obsession with controversial personalities – positive or negative.

Enter Joe Budden, the Grammy nominated artist. To music fans around the world and his peers in the hip hop community from Eminem to Jay Z, Joe Budden is viewed as many things to many people – lyrical assassin, rebel, free thinker, underrated, philanderer… pick your adjective. Among fans, friends and foes, all will agree that his honest perspective is always ENTERTAINING!

The partnership between Joe Budden and Kickstarter is the genesis of the film productions desire to eliminate any corporate censorship. Our team immediately understood the benefits for hip hop fans of the rare access granted, from life inside Eminem’s Shady Records, groupies to the daily personal grind. A “REAL” documentary on this global hip hop star was priceless. As a result, it is critical to the production to keep Joe Budden’s voice 100% authentic for you the viewer.

If you’re expecting the stereotypical music industry documentary about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll this project is just the antithesis… SEX, CIGARETTES and HIP HOP.

This project is a grassroots opportunity for hip hop fans to be a part of history. Our team requests your support to make this documentary pilot a reality. Please review the incredible pledge packages. Whether donating a dollar or posting in your network, any support is step closer to our goal.


Twitter recently announced it has surpassed over 300 MILLION registered accounts worldwide. Joe Budden is estimated as one of the company’s Top 1000 All-Time followed persons (including Fortune 500 corps, Pro teams, celebrities) period! On this impressive list are household names such as: President Obama, Oprah, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher.

Since he’s not a mainstream superstar, I’m sure you’re again wondering how the %&# is Joe Budden on this list?

Joe Budden was one of the pioneering hip hop artists to utilize technology to connect with his global fan base. Thru the creation of Joe Budden TV and social media explosion, the bond with fans has been organic. As media critics search for answers, his formula for success has always been out in the open, there is NO FORMULA simply… “what you see is what you get.”

The fans respect the blunt conversation, quick wit and intimate access, as he openly shares his successes and failures. As many people can testify, it’s not unusual for fans to be invited to his home, studio or concerts. No question is off limits, but, if you ask the question be prepared for a straight answer.

For more in depth documentary perspective on the man, pledge your support to make this project a reality. We’re excited to offer some unique rewards for your valuable donations.